Individual Therapy / Group Therapy / Women’s Group

Bilingual Therapy

DWI/DUI Screenings & Assessments

Drinker Driver Education

Free Sober Recreational Activities

Relapse Prevention

Referrals for Suboxone, Methadone, Detox, and Rehab

Anger Management

Domestic Violence Education & Counseling

Parenting Skills Classes for ACS Cases with an AXIS I Diagnosis

Psychiatric Evaluations
Coordination of Offsite Mental Health Services


Job Placement Referrals (NADAP, CASH, EPRA etc.)

Educational Referrals (GED, ESL)

Vocational Training Referrals (VESID. NON-VESID)

Housing Referrals

Assistance with SSI/ SSD / Medicaid Eligibility

Smoking Cessation Groups

Psycho Educational Workshops

We provide quality care to all of our clientele, and we take the time to ensure that treatment is individualized.  We offer a host of comprehensive treatments and services including:
Education and Assistance
Additional Services
Therapy Services
Free meal offered daily
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